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The Medicine of physical education and sports is a specialty that studies the effects of physical activity on the human body, working on the prevention, treatment and control of pathologies associated with sports and integrates other medical specialties.

The purpose is an individualized “physical activity prescription” and herefor it uses the “sports-medical assessment” as a tool.

To whom it is directed?

To all athletes of any age and level who want to start or improve the practice of a sporting activity with the minimum risk to their health.

These are the services we can offer within the sports medicine specialty:


    Also known as "sports medical record" They are compulsory basic exams for the federated athlete during the preseason. Using the Federation web portal the aptitude reports are they are discharged at the moment.

    They basically consist of:

    • Medical history and anamnesis
    • Complete physical examination
    • Anthropometry
    • Blood Pressure Study
    • Resting electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Respiratory function study (Peak flow and / or spirometry)

    In reviews of minors, parents or guardians must be present to be able to report the family medical history.

    Anthropometry for sport. Sports Medicine Service in Salou

    This is a better functional assessment of how the cardiovascular system behaves when subjected to stress. It is the same assessment as the type 1 exam, adding a stress test or ergometry that can be:

    Submaximal (when 80&percent; of the athlete's physical capacity is reached)

    Maximum (when trying to reach 100&percent; of the athlete's physical capacity)

    It consists of monitoring the athlete and recording their cardiovascular activity while making a controlled and progressive effort. It is used to rule out heart problems during the test, but it also serves as a guide for the athlete to adapt their training guidelines and achieve maximum effectiveness with the least risk to their health.

    Anthropometry for sport. Sports Medicine Service in Salou

    We carry out medical examinations for the medical certificate of aptitude or renewal of titles for the practice of diving, both in apnea and with autonomous diving. They are required for federal titles and licenses such as PADI, FEDAS, ACUC, CMAS and BS-AC.

    At Global Medical Care we have perfectly trained and accredited doctors for the issuance of these medical certificates, according to Order of Oct. 14/97 BOE 11/22/97.

    Aesthetic Medicine Service in Salou

    With the aim of seeking the maximum integration between the objectives of the athlete and the diet. Correct nutrition guarantees a good adaptation to the growing demands of the sport practiced, which we can find out by determining personalized analytical profiles according to the sporting activity and the level of the athlete.

    They can be done both individually and for teams.

    Aesthetic Medicine Service in Salou

    Professional support at individual and team level for:

    • Assist the athlete in achieving their goals.
    • Treat the pre-competitive stress that prevents you from achieving the expected results.
    • Address problems such as anxiety, frustration, low self-esteem, etc., related to sports or the consequence of sports injuries.
    Aesthetic Medicine Service in Salou
Urgent medical assistance 24 hours

Urgent medical assistance 24 hours
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SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) TESTS Available

SARS CoV2 rapid antigen test (high sensitivity and specificity)

Performed after taking a nasopharyngeal sample using a fine swab with a result in 15 minutes. Detect the presence of the virus. Indicated in symptomatic people and screening of positive contacts. PVP: € 35.00. We deliver certified results.

Test PCR (rRT-PCR)

Taking nasopharyngeal samples for the determination of CRP in the laboratory. Indicated for positive contacts and for trips abroad. Various modalities:

  • Normal PCR: result in 24 hours.
  • Express PCR: result in a few hours.

The express mode increases the price.

Ask us for the result in English if you need it!

Qualitative rapid test for COVID-19 IgG and IgM antibodies

Determination in 12 minutes of the antibodies (defenses) produced by the body after a COVID-19 infection. It is done with a small prick on the finger.

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