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At Global Medical Care we take care of health attending to the correct body-mind balance, that is why we have excellent psychology professionals who will work together with the medical team for this purpose.

In a psychological therapy we are going to face ourselves and our unknown world, acquiring knowledge that will provide us with great benefits to better manage our emotions, our difficulties and our uncertainties.

  • Adult psychology
    • Psychology Consultation

      It offers the individualized attention that the patient needs to solve their situation or the difficulties that interfere in their life.

    • Short and punctual therapy

      Used to solve specific questions or for people who do not have enough time to face in-depth psychotherapy.

    • Couples therapy

      We offer couples in crisis a meeting and listening space to improve communication, mutual recognition and self-esteem

    • Group therapy

      Oriented to improve relationships with others, to promote individuality within the group, to develop relational and emotional intelligence and to exploit the potential of the group.

    • Psychosomatic

      Accompaniment and support in chronic, degenerative and serious diseases so that the patient increases the chances of improvement.

    • Psychological emergencies

      Psychological care in states of emergency due to anxiety, shock, loss of self-control

    General psychology salou
  • Child and adolescent psychology

    Many of the problems that occur in the adult population have their origin in childhood, for this reason, the early detection of possible disorders is especially important, which with professional help and therapy can be controlled.

    Birth and early childhood

    During childhood, important psychological aspects for emotional balance are developed such as self-esteem, beliefs about ourselves and others, social skills and fears. Children must grow up psychologically healthy.

    Psychological emergencies. Psychological care in emergency states due to anxiety, shock, loss of self-control.

    Birth and early childhood
    From childhood to adolescence
    From childhood to adolescence

    In this infant-adolescent stage we can differentiate mild psychological disorders and severe disorders that imply a clinical pathology.

    The question that many parents ask is:

    How can I detect if my child has a problem and needs psychological help?

    Our specialist in child and adolescent psychology provides therapy for children and adolescents, without forgetting adults who may feel disoriented when it comes to acting

    Click here and we will guide you on how to detect possible psychological problems.

  • Sports psychology

    The physical-sporting activity has a special relevance in our days, both for children, who choose sport as their favorite extracurricular activity, and for adults, who are incorporating it into their daily lives

    From sports psychology we work with two objectives:

    • Improve the psychological skills of athletes, thus helping to achieve the objectives and
    • Detect and / or treat the problems that arise from the competitive situation itself (pre-competitive anxiety, sleep problems, feelings of frustration, false expectations, eating disorders, etc.) .

    Likewise, from the Sports Psychology Service together with the Sports Medicine and Physical Education Service , we work to advise and guide clubs and families on healthy habits and guidelines of conduct that lead to training good athletes, but above all, great people.

    Sports psychology
  • Psychology for work and learning groups

    The Psychology team of our center offers a psycho-pedagogical work service, aimed at correcting and / or stimulating psychological and cognitive skills necessary for optimal academic performance.

    Through an INDIVIDUAL and SPECIFIC re-education, we work on the most common learning difficulties that occur in the school context.

    The work is carried out both in children / young people who present a clinical diagnosis (learning disorders such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia), as well as in children / young people who do not present a diagnosis but who show difficulties in specific areas such as reading. writing, reading comprehension, attention and concentration.

    Our methodology is based on the knowledge that neuroscience brings to the educational field, combining traditional tools with more current instruments such as virtual reality.

    Likewise, Global Medical Care offers a space for inter-professional collaboration, in order to advise, share work guidelines, design and implement improvement projects and carry out personalized follow-ups with the different professionals who work with minors (teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists , pediatricians, speech therapists, etc.)

    Psychology for work and learning groups
Urgent medical assistance 24 hours

Urgent medical assistance 24 hours
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SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) TESTS Available

SARS CoV2 rapid antigen test (high sensitivity and specificity)

Performed after taking a nasopharyngeal sample using a fine swab with a result in 15 minutes. Detect the presence of the virus. Indicated in symptomatic people and screening of positive contacts. PVP: € 35.00. We deliver certified results.

Test PCR (rRT-PCR)

Taking nasopharyngeal samples for the determination of CRP in the laboratory. Indicated for positive contacts and for trips abroad. Various modalities:

  • Normal PCR: result in 24 hours.
  • Express PCR: result in a few hours.

The express mode increases the price.

Ask us for the result in English if you need it!

Qualitative rapid test for COVID-19 IgG and IgM antibodies

Determination in 12 minutes of the antibodies (defenses) produced by the body after a COVID-19 infection. It is done with a small prick on the finger.

You can make an appointment by calling 0034 977 351 212 or through contact form for this website.

As always, we are at your disposal. See you soon. We remind you the obligation to wear a mask and comply with the minimum distance.

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