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The effects of aging have been a concern since ancient times. Throughout history, innumerable techniques have been applied to prevent and delay the effects of aging and to improve aesthetics and maintain the beauty of both women and men.

Aesthetic Medicine is a health science that seeks to restore, maintain and improve aesthetics, beauty and health. Herefor the use of medical practices and small interventionism, without admission, in which topical or local anesthesia is used.

At Global Medical Care we don't want to change you, we just want to help you achieve the best version of you. Our aesthetic medicine service in Salou has trained professionals, with the safest products and the most effective treatments to achieve the most natural results.

  • Botox

    Botox for Expression Wrinkles.

    • What does it consist of

      Treatment with botulinum toxin, the popular botox, consists of injecting the product with a very fine needle in areas where there are expression lines. It is a treatment that is carried out in consultation, without anesthesia. The spot where the injection is made and the quantity to be injected depend on each patient.

      With this treatment we can not only eliminate the famous crow's feet or frown lines, but it also allows us to modify a smile that shows too much teeth or the sad position of the corners of the mouth.

    • Result

      The result of the infiltration of Botulinum Toxin is the practical disappearance of expression lines, while maintaining a natural expression. It begins to be observed between the third and fifth day and during the first 15 wrinkles are gradually eliminated. The rejuvenation is evident and the facial expression is more relaxed.

    • Pre-treatment

      Before carrying out the treatment, a thorough cleansing of the face is carried out.

      It is advisable to come to the consultation without makeup.

    • Post-treatment

      Immediately after the treatment no appreciable change is observed and work life can be resumed. Although it is not frequent, there is a possibility of a small bruise, which can be disguised with makeup and disappears in a few days.

      Avoid touching and compressing the treated area for 3 hours after treatment.

      During the first year, the treatment is carried out every 4 months and from the second year on, one application every 6 months is usually sufficient.

    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 15-30 minutes
      Recovery Immediate
      Anesthesia It is not required
      Effect after 2 - 5 days
      Results Temporary (4 months)
    Botox for Expression Wrinkles | Aesthetic Medicine Service in Salou
  • Tension threads

    Treatment objective: facial rejuvenation stimulating the tissues to firm the skin and correct flaccidity.

    The threads are made with materials such as polydioxanone (PDO), used for cardiac suture for a long time, with which it is proven that it does not produce rejection or allergies as it is antimicrobial and bio-absorbable. The material is reabsorbed after 6 months. However, the effect of stimulating fibroblasts and creating collagen can last between 12 and 18 months.

    There are two large groups:

    • Collagen-inducing mini-threads that redensify the skin.
    • The spiculated traction threads that, in addition to inducing collagen, reposition the tissues that are sagging due to the effect of gravity (lifting effect).
    • What does it consist of

      It consists of introducing the threads under the dermis. It is a treatment carried out in the consultation. It does not produce rejection or allergies. It is a quick and practically painless procedure.

      The technique is totally individualized for each patient, depending on their age, appearance, degree of flaccidity, etc. The placed threads produce a small tissue lesion that stimulates the fibroblasts, inducing the production of collagen in order to redensify the skin. The yarn material is reabsorbed over time.

      The results are progressive and natural. After three weeks the effects can be appreciated, although it is at three months when the treatment reaches its peak.

      The results have a duration of 1 year.

    • Different applications
      • Facial contour, redefinition of the oval, recover maxillary profile.
      • Nasogenian fold, elevation and redensification of the cheek.
      • Bar code, perioral wrinkles.
      • Double chin.
      • Neck.
      • Peri-orbicular zone: crow's feet, dark circles treatment.
      • Brow lift.
      • Lifting effect.
      • Repositioning of facial ligaments.
    • Pre-treatment

      Prior to the treatment, a cleaning of the entire area to be treated is carried out.

      A numbing cream can be applied or local anesthesia can be applied to the entry points of the threads.

    • Post-treatment

      Cold can be applied during the first hours in order to minimize possible discomfort and reduce inflammation in the area.

      Do not perform rough massages in the treated area until at least 1 month after the intervention.

      It is preferable not to apply makeup until 24 hours after the treatment.

    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 40-60 minutes
      Recovery 1 week
      Anesthesia Local
      Effect Immediate / progressive
      Results Temporary (1 year)
    Tension threads
  • Lip profiling

    Augmentation - Lip contouring.

    With age, one of the main aesthetic problems is the loss of volume in the lips and lip contouring or adding volume is one of the most widely performed aesthetic medicine treatments

    • What does it consist of

      Hyaluronic acid is the flagship product. It is used for its ability to hydrate tissues and stimulate collagen production. It is a non-permanent, resorbable product, lasting approximately 12 months.

      We carry out a study of your lip profile to redefine the contour, or increase the volume, and if necessary, also correct the vertical wrinkles and wrinkles at the corners of the lips, in order to improve the general appearance of the face. The goal is to achieve a natural result.

      It consists of small infiltrations of hyaluronic acid in the area to be treated. It is injected slowly and gradually, carrying out a control in a few days to assess the need for a second session or touch-up.

      It does not require admission. Slight punctures are noted, although it can be done by applying cold or with topical or local anesthesia to reduce sensitivity. It is a gentle and not very aggressive treatment.

    • Result

      The result is usually a very natural finish providing the appropriate volume and lip contouring with shapes. Generally, when a reinforcement is carried out within the first year, what is done is to add volume in two phases, finding the ideal and desired size in the second session.

    • Post-treatment

      After the treatment:

      • You can notice a slight swelling and redness that will subside with the passing of the hours.
      • You should sunbathe with lip balm.
      • Do not massage the area. That includes no nibbling or pressing.
    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 20-30 minutes
      Recovery 1 week
      Anesthesia Local - Topical - Cold
      Effect Immediate
      Results Temporary (approx. 1 year)
    Augmentation - lip contouring
  • PRP

    PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma.

    • Treatment

      Treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) is one of the latest novelties in facial rejuvenation. It consists of isolating and using the growth factors (bio-stimulating substances) present in the patient's own plasma in order to stimulate, enhance and accelerate tissue regeneration.

      After isolating the fraction of plasma that concentrates the growth factors, these are applied to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté in order to stimulate tissue regeneration, thus producing an increase in thickness, smoothness and luminosity of the skin, mitigating the effects of the aging process.

      The number of sessions and their periodicity depend on the degree of aging of the skin, but normally it is recommended to carry out between 3 and 4 sessions the first year and continue the maintenance treatment with two annual sessions during the following years.

    • What does it consist of

      The procedure consists of the following steps:

      • Cleaning the area to be treated.
      • Application of anesthetic cream, local cold or local anesthesia to avoid the discomfort of the infiltrations.
      • Blood collection. The procedure is the same as a blood test.
      • Obtaining Platelet Rich Plasma: by centrifuging the sample, the fraction of platelet rich plasma is obtained.
      • Application of PRP: after activation of PRP, it is injected intradermally or by microneedling into the skin of the face, décolleté and neck.
    • Result

      Rejuvenation of the skin, increasing its thickness, smoothness and luminosity.

      Tissue regeneration.

      This treatment can be applied preventively from the age of 35, to slow down the aging process and for regenerative-corrective purposes from the age of 45.

      It can be combined with other treatments to enhance its effect and improve results.

    • Pre-treatment

      Before each PRP session it is necessary to clean the area to be treated.

      A local anesthetic or cold can be applied to the area to be treated before the session to avoid the discomfort of the infiltrations, or local anesthesia can be used.

    • Post-treatment

      Normal activity can be continued immediately after treatment.

      A slight redness, swelling or small bruises in the injected area usually appear temporarily, which can be perfectly camouflaged with makeup.

      It is not advisable to massage the area after infiltrations. It is recommended to use sun protection in case of sunbathing.

    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 1 hour
      Recovery Immediate
      Anesthesia Local - Topical
      Effect Progressive
      Results Temporary
  • Mesotherapy

    Mesotherapy - Vitamins - Facial hydroregeneration.

    • Treatment

      Loss of water from the skin is perhaps the first sign of aging, and the most visible.

      A novel treatment to treat this problem consists of infiltrating into the skin a compound with highly hydrating products, such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. In this way we can prevent aging and delay the formation of wrinkles, restoring hydration and elasticity to the skin.

      It is a safe treatment and its effectiveness is perceived from the first session.

    • What does it consist of

      Before the procedure, a deep cleaning and degreasing of the skin is carried out. An anesthetic cream is then applied to decrease surface sensitivity.

      Finally, we proceed to intradermal microinfiltration with very fine needles of hyaluronic acid and vitamins in the region to be treated: face, neck or décolleté.

      The cocktail of infiltrated biostimulant substances stimulates the production of collagen by the fibroblasts, combating sagging, reducing expression lines, and increasing the natural shine and smoothness of the skin.

      As shock treatment, two applications are recommended with an interval of 2 to 4 weeks, and a third 6 months after the last application. Afterwards, maintenance sessions can be performed every three months.

      Its duration is approximately 20-30 minutes and does not require hospitalization.

    • Result
      • Prevents skin aging.
      • Delays the formation of wrinkles.
      • Provides hydration and elasticity to the skin.
      • Stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin.
      • It has an antioxidant effect.
    • Pre-treatment

      Initially, the condition of the skin is assessed and cleaning is carried out. An anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated. Occasionally, local anesthesia may be required.

    • Post-treatment

      The return to normal life is immediate.

      It is advisable not to massage the treated area. It is recommended to use sun protection in case of sunbathing and wait 24 hours to apply makeup, take baths, saunas, wax or shave.

      A slight redness, swelling or small bruise may appear in the injected area that can be perfectly camouflaged with makeup and disappears in a few days.

    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 1 hour
      Recovery Immediate
      Anesthesia Topical
      Effect 15 days
      Results 4 - 6 months
    Mesotherapy - Facial Hydroregeneration
  • Fillers

    Fillers - Facial fillers.

      Techniques consisting of superficial or deep injection into the skin of non-permanent resorbable products, with different objectives:

      • Recover the elasticity, tone, smoothness and firmness of the skin.
      • Improve wrinkles and folds.
      • Regain lost volume (lips, cheekbones, chin).
      • Hide scars.

      Facial fillers have become an excellent weapon to regain youth in an amazing way: it smoothes wrinkles, provides elasticity and light to the skin, and defines and repositiones the features.

      They are very useful in the treatment of nasolabial folds, folds of the corners of the lips, folds of dark circles, etc. The ultimate in global facial rejuvenation is called a liquid lift.

      An innovative technique based on infiltrations that manages to replenish volumes, lift tissues, eliminate wrinkles and hydrate and improve the quality of the skin of the face.

    • What does it consist of

      We currently have a non-surgical alternative based on the recovery of the components that the skin loses over the years. By infiltrating fillers such as hyaluronic acid, we can hide skin and lip aging, achieving, in a simple way, a splendid appearance thanks to the correction of small defects.

      The materials used are fully compatible with the body, chemically and physically stable (they do not alter with the passage of time) and imperceptible to the touch, characteristics that allow to achieve a natural and permanent result.

      The hyaluronic acid filling technique is a recommended technique for those who want to improve lip thickness and projection, improve the definition of the cupid's bow, elevate excessively sagging corners, correct wrinkles in the upper lip area, correct frown wrinkles, reduce facial rictus, without modifying expression, improving the condition and quality of the skin in general.


      The infiltrations are carried out under local anesthesia.

    • Pre-treatment

      Before performing the treatment it is important that the area to be treated is completely clean and free of makeup. If you have a history of cold sores, you will need to take antiviral treatment for the previous three days. If you are taking any type of anti-inflammatory such as Aspirin, you must leave it 24 hours in advance.

      In the event of an acute outbreak of cold sores, fever caused by any cause or hematoma in the area to be treated, the treatment must be canceled.

    • Post-treatment

      Immediately after treatment, you should not eat until the effects of the anesthesia have completely worn off. During the following days, you will not ingest hot drinks or soups to avoid applying heat directly to the treated area. Also, the upper lip will not be waxed with hot wax.

      Ozone steam treatments, Finnish or Swedish saunas, hot thermal baths and tobacco are also contraindicated during the post-treatment period. You must use absolute sun protection.

      After the treatment, you can hydrate the treated area but not massage. You should avoid rough handling of this area, a fact to take into account if you need to visit the dentist. In the case of lip augmentation, it will also prevent lip biting. The inflammation will last approximately 12 hours and the bruises, if they appear, between 5-7 days. The infiltration never leaves any signs.

      It is important that you know that after the first session, you will not see big changes. The effects of the treatment usually last up to twelve months and can be combined with the application of botox.

      You can wash your face with soap and water, put on makeup and use your usual creams immediately after treatment.

      You must follow these cares while the treatment lasts and during the fifteen days afterwards. Otherwise, you can resume your daily habits such as sports or swimming immediately.

    • Liquid lift

      The infiltration technique that uses products such as calcium hydroxyapatite, which allows the correction of wrinkles, and recover volume and lost contours, is called "liquid lifting". Over time, they create a three-dimensional collagen structure that stretches and supports the face.

    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 20 - 40 minutes
      Recovery 2 - 3 days
      Anesthesia Local
      Effect 1 week
      Results Temporary
  • Peeling

    Facial and body peeling.

    • What does it consist of

      Chemical peels have been used for over a hundred years to create a controlled peeling of aging cells. It consists of applying chemicals to the skin to remove all dead cells and stimulate the production of new cells. In the following days a peeling occurs, shedding the superficial layer of dead cells from the skin. Depending on the applied substance and its concentration, peels are classified as superficial, medium and deep.

      They are performed on an outpatient basis in the doctor's consultory. Depending on the type of skin, the doctor will recommend a superficial or medium peel.

      During the treatment the patient experiences a stinging sensation that lasts a few minutes, followed by an itching sensation. No anesthesia is required.

    • Result

      Performing a peel several times a year helps maintain a healthy appearance, preventing skin aging. With the Peeling we get a healthy, smooth skin free of impurities. Depending on the product chosen for the treatment (AHA, BHA, alpha-keto acids, TCA, the treatment objectives will be:

      • Purify and oxygenate the skin, leaving it hydrated and free of impurities.
      • Close enlarged pores, improve skin texture, increase epidermis thickness.
      • Combat skin aging, reducing wrinkles and giving turgor.
      • Unify the tone, provide luminosity, blur skin imperfections.
      • Attenuate pigmentary lesions - depigmenting action.
      • Reduce the effects of acne, improve the aspect of scars.
    • Pre-treatment

      Do not use hair removal, shaving, irritant products (dyes) the week before. Avoid sun exposure. In case of recurrent herpes, carry out prophylaxis.

      Sometimes a pre-treatment of the skin with tyrosinase inhibitors, retinol, AHA…

    • Post-treatment

      The use of appropriate cosmetics will be recommended according to the treatment performed to obtain the best results.

      Avoid sun exposure. Use sunscreen.

      What should be expected after the peel treatment?

      A superficial peel causes a small redness, and some flaking during several days. The skin will have a color similar to a sunburn and will remit towards a pink coloration. Cosmetics can be applied after a week.

    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 30 - 45 minutes
      Recovery Immediate
      Anesthesia It is not required
      Effect after 2 - 5 days
      Results Temporary
    Facial Peeling
  • Nanofat - Lipotransfer

      Lipotransfer is a procedure by which the patient's own fat, extracted by selective liposuction, is transplanted to certain areas of his face and / or body. The purpose is to provide volume and shape to areas that may be in deficit, ultimately to remodel them. It is based on the presence in fat of regenerative cells derived from adipose tissue or stromal vascular fraction, which are capable of inducing regeneration and rejuvenation when transferred to other areas.

      Nanofat is an innovative technique to rejuvenate the skin, in which the fat extracted from the patient is emulsified and injected into areas of his face. With this technique, not only volume is provided and wrinkles are improved, but skin pigmentations are attenuated. For this reason, it has become popular in the treatment of so-called dark circles, periocular and perioral skin, as well as for the treatment of aging skin on the breast cleavage, scars and stretch marks.

    • What does it consist of

      It consists of obtaining fatty tissue through liposuction under local anesthesia. The fat obtained is washed and processed. In the case of nanofat, it is emulsified by passing from one syringe to another through a connector. The fatty material obtained is applied with needles or cannulas in the areas to be treated. The procedure is carried out with closed systems to avoid contamination.

    • The benefits

      The presence of regenerative cells produces a facial rejuvenation effect, improving the quality, turgor and elasticity of the skin. Wrinkles are reduced and pigmentation improves in areas such as dark circles.

    • Pre-treatment

      As it is an outpatient treatment, which is performed under local anesthesia, it does not require a preoperative procedure.

    • Post-treatment

      As the treatment is performed under local anesthesia, it is very minimally invasive and not very traumatic. In the liposuction area the discomfort is minimal and in the area where the graft is performed there is inflammation, edema, bruises and erythema that progressively remit during the weeks after the treatment.

    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 1 - 2 hours
      Recovery 2 weeks
      Anesthesia Local
      Effect 2 months
      Results Durable
    Nanofat - Lipotransfer
  • Hair growth

    Hair growth and stimulation factors.

      It consists of the application by infiltration with fine needles of the growth factors present in the alpha granules of the platelets, which are obtained by extracting the patient's own blood, which is centrifuged to obtain the PRP fraction (Platelet Rich Plasma ).

    • What does it consist of

      A small volume of blood is drawn, which is centrifuged to obtain the platelet-rich plasma fraction. Once this fraction is obtained, it is activated to achieve the release of growth factors, which are infiltrated by means of syringes with very fine needles. The number of sessions will depend on the degree of hair loss of the patient, although generally between 2 and 3 sessions a year will be enough to stimulate the tissues and hair growth.

    • The benefits

      The results are gradually appreciated. The application of Rich Plasma at the capillary level stimulates the formation of collagen and increases vascularization at the level of the hair follicle, thus progressively slowing down hair loss and enhancing its regeneration in patients with moderate hair loss.

    • Pre-treatment

      Although infiltrations are well tolerated, to avoid any possible discomfort, topical anesthesia or local cold can be applied before starting the session.

    • Post-treatment

      Once the treatment is finished, normal activity can be resumed immediately.

    • Treatment duration
      Intervention time 1 hour
      Recovery Immediate
      Anesthesia It is not required
      Effect 1 - 2 months
      Results 6 months - 1 year
    Hair growth and stimulation factors
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