COVID-19 recommendations

Contact with a positive tested COVID-19

I have had contact with a positive tested person what do I do?

Contact with a positive  tested COVID-19
  • Isolate yourself and contact your health center
  • You have to do a PCR
  • In 24-48 hours you will have the result:
    • POSITIVE: Isolation 14 days and study of close contacts
    • NEGATIVE: Isolation 14 days

Why do I have to isolate myself if I am negative?

Having had a contact, you can incubate the virus for about 14 days. It may be that at the time we take the sample the PCR will be negative, but it could be positive in the next few days and you would be contagious.

Who is considered close contact?

  • Anyone who has provided care to a case: health or social health personnel who have not used adequate protection measures, or family members or people who have other types of physical contact.
  • Anyone who has been in the same place as a confirmed positive person, at a distance of less than 2 meters (eg cohabitants, visitors) and for more than 15 minutes.
  • Close contact on an airplane, train, or other long-haul mode of transportation (and where access to passenger identification is possible) is considered to be any person within a two-seat radius of a confirmed positive case and the crew or equivalent personnel who have had contact with this confirmed case

The period to be considered will be from 2 days before the onset of symptoms of the case until the moment in which this confirmed case is isolated.

In asymptomatic cases confirmed by PCR, contacts will be sought from 2 days before the date of diagnosis.

People who have already had a PCR-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in the previous 6 months will be exempt from quarantine.

Handling close contacts

  • Surveillance and quarantine will be indicated for 14 days after the last contact with a confirmed case.
  • PCR is recommended for close contacts with the main objective of detecting new positive cases early.
    • If the result of this PCR is negative, the quarantine will continue until day 14.
    • In order to reduce the duration of said quarantine, a second PCR could be performed 10 days after the last contact with the case, and the quarantine could be suspended in the event of a negative result.
  • In case of cohabiting and not being able to guarantee the isolation of the confirmed case in optimal conditions, the quarantine will last 14 days from the end of the isolation of the confirmed case.
  • The contact must remain at home during the quarantine, preferably in a single room, restricting to a minimum the exits from the room, which will always be carried out with a surgical mask. You will also be asked to limit contact with partners as much as possible. The contact should be organized to take no exit out of your house that is not exceptional during their quarantine period.
  • In people who are displaced outside their place of residence at the time of their identification as contacts, they will be allowed to return to their place of residence for the end of the quarantine as long as:
    • the accommodation provided in your place of residence guarantees the necessary conditions for quarantine,
    • the displacement is carried out in a private means of transport,
    • compliance with all the precautionary measures established for handling contacts during the journey can be guaranteed
    • and the displacement has been informed and authorized by the public health authorities involved. For it is perceptible sign a paper statement of responsibility by contact
  • You should perform frequent hand washing (with soap and water or hydro-alcoholic solutions) especially after coughing, sneezing and touching or handling tissues or other potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • They must be traceable throughout the follow-up period.
  • All contacts should avoid taking antipyretics without medical supervision during the surveillance period to avoid masking and delaying the detection of fever.
  • If the contact presents any symptoms of a suspicious case at the time of its identification, it will be handled in the manner established for suspicious cases. Likewise, if during the follow-up the contact develops symptoms, it will be considered a suspicious case, it will have to do immediate self-isolation in the place of residence and contact urgently with the person in charge that has been established for its follow-up or with 112/061 indicating that This is a contact from a coronavirus case.
  • If any PCR performed on the contacts were positive, the contact would be considered a confirmed case, performing immediate self-isolation in the place of residence or where the health authorities establish. Additionally, the identification of your close contacts must be carried out.

If the contact remains asymptomatic at the end of their quarantine period, they can return to their routine as usual. In the event that the measures established for the follow-up of a contact make it impossible for you to continue with your work activity, you must communicate, through the procedure established in the regulations, said contingency to the company or its prevention service.

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SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) TESTS Available

SARS CoV2 rapid antigen test (high sensitivity and specificity)

Performed after taking a nasopharyngeal sample using a fine swab with a result in 15 minutes. Detect the presence of the virus. Indicated in symptomatic people and screening of positive contacts. PVP: € 35.00. We deliver certified results.

Test PCR (rRT-PCR)

Taking nasopharyngeal samples for the determination of CRP in the laboratory. Indicated for positive contacts and for trips abroad. Various modalities:

  • Normal PCR: result in 24 hours.
  • Express PCR: result in a few hours.

The express mode increases the price.

Ask us for the result in English if you need it!

Qualitative rapid test for COVID-19 IgG and IgM antibodies

Determination in 12 minutes of the antibodies (defenses) produced by the body after a COVID-19 infection. It is done with a small prick on the finger.

You can make an appointment by calling 0034 977 351 212 or through contact form for this website.

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