Gastric balloon without endoscopy


Gastric balloon without endoscopy.

If you are severely overweight and have a history of dieting failure, the Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Program could be your solution. It is based on the placement of a small balloon of soft consistency, which is swallowed without difficulty and once it is located in the stomach, and after filling it with the appropriate volume, it remains there for 4 months, subsequently decomposing by itself and eliminating itself by the stool, without any discomfort. The intragastric balloon causes satiety with less food eaten. No anesthesia, surgery, or endoscopy are required.

How is the weight loss program done?

  • Without surgery
  • Without endoscopy
  • Without anesthesia


What you are really acquiring buying a gastric balloon?

  • Informative initial interview

    Informative and non-binding initial interview in which you will be able to see and touch a real intragastric balloon equipment, as well as ask all your questions, price, payment methods, etc.

  • Appointment for a multidisciplinary visit

    If you want to proceed to the Program, you will be summoned for a prior multidisciplinary visit. In which:

    • The doctor take a medical history, a complete physical examination, an EKG, etc. He will also ask for a complete analysis that will serve as a guide and will prescribe a medication so that he can cope with the initial symptoms in case they appear.
    • The nurse she will take constants and anthropometric data (height, weight, BMI, fat mass, lean mass, skin folds, etc.)
    • The psychologist they will interview you to discuss your motivation, your expectations for weight loss, failures in previous diets and assess the need for support during the following months. It is important to prepare you psychologically for the entire process of physical change that you will experience.
    • The nutritionist Based upon your current diet and habits, she will design a diet readjustment program for before and after the placement of the balloon. The goal is that as you carry the intragastric balloon and lose weight, you change unhealthy habits and learn to eat properly. If necessary, the appropriate supplementation will be prescribed to avoid a nutritional deficit (protein supplements, minerals, vitamins, etc.)
    All this information will be assessed together and then will be decided whether or not the Program is suitable for you.
  • Days prior to the placement of the balloon

    The days prior to the placement of the balloon you will begin the medical and dietary treatment. It is a necessary mental and physical preparation to avoid unnecessary discomfort and better tolerate the process. At any time you will have access to our team to comment on any concern that may arise. We will also teach you how to practice at home to make swallowing the balloon a breeze.

  • The day of the placement of the balloon

    The day of the placement of the balloon.

    The procedure is done in our center. With the help of the Doctor, who will guide the device, a "capsule" containing the deflated balloon must be swallowed and attached to a very thin tube. Then we will do an abdominal X-ray to check that it is well positioned and we will fill it with a watery liquid through the tube, which we will then easily remove, leaving the balloon in your stomach. Endoscopy is not necessary. With collaboration on your part, it is a very fast and simple process that lasts only about 25 minutes.

  • The days after the balloon is placed

    The days after the balloon is placed.

    The first two or three days you may have nausea, abdominal cramps, heartburn, and occasionally some vomiting. To minimize this we will put you on a special medication. Normal activity (including sports) is usually recovered in a couple of days. In a short time you will be able to eat everything, although the nutritionist will guide you on the most appropriate diet for this period and to help you meet your goals. You will be scheduled for another multidisciplinary consultation to assess your adaptation to the balloon and help you in this process.

  • During the next 4 months

    The 4 months following the placement of the balloon.

    Very quickly you will adapt to the balloon until you forget about it and you will start the progressive loss of weight that can range from 20&percent; to 50&percent; of being overweight. You will learn to eat properly and acquire healthy habits for the future. At all times you will follow medical controls. Losing weight will motivate you for everything else.

  • Life after the elimination of the balloon

    Life after the elimination of the balloon.

    The expulsion of the remains of the balloon usually goes unnoticed, although a control X-ray can be done to verify it. Professional follow-up after the removal of the balloon is very important to make sure that habits have changed, that you know your new reality as well and avoid undesirable weight regain. From then on, you will have established a relationship of trust with our team to advise and help you in the future.

Gastric balloon without endoscopy.
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